Shooting the Moon

Not many bands find themselves playing a summer festival supporting the likes of The Alarm and The Automatic after a mere seven gigs, but then Shooting the Moon have had their desires set on the big time from the beginning.

Formed in mid 2008, the band consist of long-term school mates James, Mark and Lloyd, who have a penchant for combining their diverse influences to make music that sounds like The Cure and Joy Division, without the obligatory cloud of depression lurking above.

A year of rehearsing religiously in the greasy basement of their local pub in Barry, South Wales has made the band a formidable live act, whilst inadvertently infusing them with the stale stench of spilt beer. As a result, Shooting the Moon have brought the house down at influential Cardiff music venues such as The Toucan Club, Ten Feet Tall and the previously mentioned Waterfront Festival.

Lauded by Tony Viscontiís daughter whilst recording their debut single Abduction/Flashbulbs, the band will shortly be returning to the studio to finish their first EP The Lost Art of Punctuality. 2011 promises to be a big year.

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